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I Need To add some item to orchard homepage ?

Feb 11, 2014 at 1:56 PM
Hi there
some times I'm searching and looking for a forums to ask my question about orchard
I tried to login the orchard forums but I can't . i tried hundreds of time to register in orchard forums but it wan't effectived
so help me please
I want to add some item to orchard homepage and more customize orchard theme
but there isn't any useful tut to learn more about orchard theme and about how to design a theme for orchard
when I asked about best CMS for mvc in forums all said me the orchard but nobody answered me about how to work with orchard.
they block my question in and guide me to orchard forums. orchard need registration to login with a blank email . but i tried 4 email and a lot of time to regiter but i can't .
so help me a best forums about ask my question about how to customize orchard theme ?