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How add CC and Bcc email address in orchard cms oform

Hello I am new in orchard cms. I have install this with oform module it work fine. My query is how i add email address in CC and Bcc because there is no setting for this. Please help me ASAP....

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Null check in Shapes

Please add one to ln 27 for PartDefinition (not all parts have that filled). BTW why isn't that line simply if (!content.Has<ForumPart>()) return;

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Import/Export: RepliedOn contains ID

The Import/Export does not work: <Post Id="" Status="Published"> <CommonPart Owner="/User.UserName=admin" Container="/alias=test1\/test" CreatedUtc="2013-07-16T09:52:09Z" PublishedUtc="2013-07-16...

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Thread/post deletion link should ask for confirmation and the Delete action shouldn't be GET

PostController.Delete is a GET action. This ain't right :-).

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Random NEs from DefaultContentManager when creating forums or threads

I don't have an exact repro yet, but this is something that only happens with Forums content types. Sometimes when I create forums or threads (haven't seen it with posts yet) I get the following ...

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Fields are better when attached to the "type"

E.g. Thread fields are attached to ThreadPart. This however means that one can not remove them if one e.g. doesn't want threads to have categories. Instead such fields could be attached to a part ...

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Use more specific name for forum categories Taxonomy

"Categories" is very general and might be used for something else on the site. "Forum Categories" would be better.

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Installing from Gallery doesn't enable Admin pages

I've got an Orchard v1.5 install running on a 3rd-party host direct from the zip file. I then installed Forums from the Orchard Gallery within that site. The module is installed, and enabled, but t...

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Autoroute 1.4 migration

I guess the forum uses Routable. Will you upgrade the code to use Autoroute?

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Generic style in is wiping blogpost summary styles

Make this: <Match DisplayType="Summary"> <Place Parts_Common_Body_Summary="-"/> </Match> more specific to the forums.

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